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The goals and desires of the younger generations are vastly different than those of their predecessors. Classic entertainment models struggle to find an audience with this growing market section because they are out of touch with the needs of millennials and Generation Z behind them. The team at Dub3 are experts in content creation models that speak to young consumers and appeal directly to their rapidly evolving tastes and preferences.

Our Team

William DeverBusiness Development
Bill brings to the table very strong marketing and packaging abilities, combined with a wealth of international contacts in the marketing, r
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Shawn SmithContent Development / Marketing
A pioneer in millennial focused marketing, Shawn brings a wealth of experience into play. By nature a serial entrepreneur, Shawn's backgroun
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Marcy RubinInternational Distribution
A veteran of international media sales and distribution, Marcy Rubin brings an extensive understanding of the ever-changing international ma
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Andrew StevensFilm Producer
Andrew Stevens, President/CEO of Stevens Entertainment Group, has produced and arranged the financing for one hundred and seventy-five films
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Larry ZoreLogistics & Technology
Larry’s passion is technology. He previously served as President and COO of The Allen Groupe, a technology-driven airplane cleaning company.
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Bryan NeelyEvent Production & Technology
Bryan Neely started his love for gaming and pop culture at an early age. Bryan attended Ball State University with a degree in Telecommunica
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Carl DoningerMedia Relations & Event Management
Carl is a decades-long participant and innovator within the Indiana fan scene and as a founder of Indy PopCom  new media convention that spe
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Rick FerrellGovernment & Community Outreach
Rick Ferrell is the principal of Retail Market Answers, LLC (RMA), which specializes in economic and business development planning and imple
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The Emerging Millennial Market

The emerging millennial and Generation Y markets are truly unique compared to their predecessors. They have grown up in an environment that surround them with technology, minimizes the importance of social contact, and crushes them with student debts and unrealistic expectations. To truly reach them, you must understand them and the challenges they face.

% of Millennials…

Living with their parents

Only watch videos on their mobile devices

Follow their favorite brands on Facebook

Do store price comparisons before buying

Our Services

You don’t need to scrap your entire business model, you simply need to open it to younger potential clients. We can design a plan for your facility to offer more appealing content that will attract an increasingly picky fanbase.

Through a customized build and deployment plan, we oversee your content changes to ensure they meet the needs of the millennial generation. We can off on-site consultation and will walk your team through the deployment process.

Your brand message must evolve to focus on your experiential content in order to attract millennials’ attention. We can help you develop an online social media strategy to coincide with your local marketing efforts to grow your business.

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